Phyllocrania paradoxa (Ghost Mantis)

Ghost Mantis

Phyllocrania paradoxa, also known as the Ghost Mantis, is one of the coolest mantids in captivity. This is truely an alien looking species. Although ghost mantids are pretty common among collectors, it is still very popular.

Ghost mantids are pretty easy to raise. Many claim they are communal, and to a point I believe they can be. I personally do not raise them together nor would I recommend it unless you have a large number of them. Although they aren't as cannibalistic as most other mantid species, I have noticed enough for me to keep mine seperated.

Breeding ghost mantids has always been pretty simple for me, even though the males are not as quick to jump on females as other species I am used to raising. I usually end up placing the male on the females back and checking his interest. If he does not try to mate with her after a couple tries, I take him out and wait another couple of days before trying again.

Below you will find pics of Ghost mantids at various stages that I have kept and bred. Enjoy!

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