Creobroter gemmatus (Indian Flower Mantis)

Indian Flower Mantis

C. gemmatus, also known as the Indian Flower Mantis, is an easy mantid to keep. I have had very little problem keeping them. They are a smaller species of mantid which makes them easy to keep. I like being able to use houseflies as the staple food for adult mantids. It makes feeding very easy.

One thing I like about the Indian Flower Mantis is the way they hunt. I like mantids that actively go after their food rather than sit around waiting for it to come to them. Indian Flower Mantids don't have a problem going after food that is in close enough range to chase down.

Breeding the Indian Flower Mantis is also easy. I have noticed very little cannibalism when it comes to breeding. Still, I am very careful when introducing the male, giving at least 2 weeks before introducing them and always while the female is eating.

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